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bike chain lube

There are several types of bicycle chain lube. The main difference between these types of lubricants is the viscosity and price. A standard bike chain lube costs around 5 euros while a bike chain lube may cost up to 10 euros. A bike chain lube may be thinner than an ordinary lubricant and may be able to be reused. Moreover, bike chain lubes usually have special additives to prevent the chain from experiencing extreme pressures.

Choose A Chain Lube That Will Protect Your Chain From The Elements

Graphenlube is a high-end lubricant that claims to save up to five watts of power during a 900km ride, although it costs ten times more than Finish Line Wet. Muc-off’s Ludicrous AF lube claims to be the fastest chain lube. Its molecules react with the surface of the chain to reduce friction, which is a major cause of loss of power.

While most lubricants have the same function, some bikes require a special type. Bike chain lubes can either be a drip-tip or precision nozzle, depending on how much room you have to access the chain part. Choose a lube based on the type of riding you do, as some types of bike chain lubes are not suitable for wet weather conditions. A bike chain lube that works in both environments is recommended.

If you want a lubricant that stays on your bike, consider WD-40 Bike All-Conditions lube. Unlike delicate wax lubes, this lube does not contain wax, which can accumulate in chain links and make them brittle. It also contains corrosion inhibitors, which prevent rust and help preserve the chain for a longer time. So, if you’re in doubt about which type of bike chain lube to use, take our advice and test it out yourself.

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