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online games

Online games are video games that are either wholly or partially played via the Internet or some other interactive computer network. The term “online” is used here to denote that the game(s) can be played by a single player, over a computer network, or even multiplayer over one or more computers. There are many online games that have become popular with both adults and children. These online games range from the card, board, and puzzle games; to shooting, racing, and sports games. They can be played free of charge and can also be downloaded from the Internet to one’s PC. Get to know!


The most common form of online games is the card, board, and puzzle games; that require no particular hardware to play, and in fact any modern PC will generally be able to run these games. However, computer users who prefer not to use their desktops as gaming platforms are turning to streaming video games from websites to play. Streaming video game technology allows users to play video games through their Internet connections rather than using a dedicated gaming console system. This technology has revolutionized the way people play video games, and as such there is now a myriad of different types of streaming video games available to players.


Online gaming is a service offered by many companies, and the market for them has grown so much that it has become possible for virtually anyone with a PC and an Internet connection to play games online. Although most online games can be played by one or two people at the same time, multiplayer online games (especially ones that involve many players) can be played by as many players simultaneously as the system can support. Many of these online games are played in a single server, which means that each computer connected to the game uses its own graphics card, its own sound card, its own Internet connection, etc. In short, the computer that the player is using to view the game does not need to be “clicking” on the same spot for an entire game’s duration in order for the player to be in the game.

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