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While some vets may not offer mobile practices, others can. Check with your local veterinary society or humane society to find out if any mobile vet are available in your area. Once you find a set you like, start communicating with him or her about your pets’ care and well-being. Many mobile practitioners strive to work with pet owners in close proximity to help them address the basic needs and health issues facing their pets. When a pet has an emergency, many mobile practitioners will take the animal straight to the vet, saving the owners the trip and gas. You can rest assured that your pet will always be taken care of when you’re near a mobile vet.

How to do Mobile Veterinary Care?

Another option for pet parents looking to find a mobile vet is a mobile microchip clinic. Microchips are small pieces of hardware that, when implanted into a pet (in the case of dogs), will allow the owner to track their pet from anywhere with a mobile phone. The microchip serves as both a tracking device and virtual identification card, allowing pet parents to track and find their pets in a variety of situations. Microchips can also be given to animal rescue groups, helping animals in need.

Mobile veterinaries are veterinaries that practice out of a mobile vehicle, whether it be an office or home. Mobile veterinaries are especially helpful in remote or rural areas, as they can only travel so far to meet with patients or do procedures in unfamiliar locales. Mobile clinics can generally accommodate up to four patients at a time, depending on the size of the vehicle and the vet’s needs. The cost of a mobile clinic is more expensive than that of a regular clinic due to the lack of space and furniture, but services provided are usually top notch. Most mobile clinics are fully equipped to handle any animal emergencies.

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