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Drug testing in public schools, rehabilitation centers and other facilities are now widespread. Due to rising concerns about substance abuse and addiction, many people now associate public schools with drug abuse because they are the largest recipient of state education funding. Also, drug testing is done by school nurses or doctors when required by school policy or when patients in the program have demonstrated consistent drug abuse problems. Some private schools also perform drug testing as a part of a wellness and prevention program. Regardless, of how or why drug testing facilty Charlotte, whether it is done in public schools, prisons or hospitals, the overall purpose is the same: to provide evidence-based care to help identify and treat drug abusers.

Drug Abuse and Addition

The process of administering the drug testing usually occurs in a public facility such as a hospital, but drug testing may also be done in school-based settings (i.e., nursing homes, school clinics) where similar standards apply. However, there are cases when drug testing cannot be performed because of privacy considerations, legal concerns or where testing is deemed inadmissible due to under testing or use of medications. In these instances, it is important for drug testing experts to determine the reason(s) for the testing. These reasons will vary widely; for instance, a patient may be excluded from testing if he/she takes certain medications that have been determined to have abuse potential.

Other situations may warrant drug testing even when there is no valid suspicion of drug use; for instance, a person who has provided willingly and intentionally false urine drug tests in an alcohol experiment that is being monitored by a drug testing device. False urine drug tests provide an unfair basis for rejecting legitimate drug users. In these situations, experts must weigh the potentially prejudicial effects of false positives against the possible retraction of false positives that could have serious legal implications. Similarly, tests for prescription medications are often required by law in certain medical settings. If used, expert drug testing should be able to ensure that prescriptions are doled out only to people with documented needs for them.

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