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Drug and alcohol tests can occur at the workplace, on the street or even in your own home. If you are going to a club or bar, you may have to perform a test to get through the door. The most often used drug and alcohol test are the breathalyzer test, which will determine if a person has been smoking cigarettes or consuming alcoholic beverages. Most drivers admit to a business official that they are indeed abusing drugs and/or alcohol when they self admit to the company official that they are not using the vehicle for personal purposes. In order for a person to successfully pass a drug and alcohol test they should make sure they practice the proper driving techniques and follow all instructions given by the officer.


In order for a person to successfully pass a drug and alcohol test they should keep in mind some basic information about how the tests work and what to expect prior to the test. Many drivers do not realize that once they perform the initial oral motionalyzer test their blood alcohol level will be measured. This blood alcohol level is considered a positive result when it reads “zero percent” on the initial breathalyzer test. Depending on the circumstances a judge may decide to take further tests to determine the actual percentage of alcohol the driver has consumed during the driving session. These additional tests are known as the post-accident testing days.


The most common question that individual faces after a drug and alcohol test is whether or not the employer will pay for the additional tests. In most cases the employer will usually agree to pay for these tests because the employee had a substance that they were driving under the influence of and that they were driving while intoxicated. Even though most employers will usually allow an employee to continue working with the company, they may face discipline from their supervisor or manager for failing to comply with the company’s policy on drug and alcohol use. The employer is also well aware of the fact that employees with prior arrests for DWI or DUI will more than likely have a drug and alcohol test administered upon return to work.

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