An Introduction to Tantric Meditation

Tantric meditation is an ancient form of spiritual realization and self-discoverment facilitated by classical meditation. It is most commonly practice in a romantic relationship context, however it is also beneficial for many single or even for married individuals who seek to deeper and enrich their relationship with each other. If practiced correctly, tantric meditation can help couples explore deeply their own feelings and provide them with much-needed help in their quest to be the most fulfilling and meaningful partners in their lives. In order to practice tantric meditation in a way that helps couples cultivate a closer and more intimate relationship, it is important to follow a few guidelines.

The Philosophy Of An Introduction To Tantric Meditation

First, a tantric teacher must first understand the nature of energy in our bodies. When we think about how energy systems work in the body, it is important to remember that energy flows in a circuit, not in a straight line. For this reason, different areas of the body have varying amounts of energy stored in them. Couples who practice tantric meditation practice may find themselves focusing on one partner, without ever truly connecting with the other. A tantric teacher can help couples learn how to reach each other through the energy system in their bodies so that they can work with their partner wholeheartedly and harmoniously. Couples will also benefit from learning how to enhance their tantric meditation practice through the use of certain tantric yoga postures and breathing techniques.

Another important aspect of tantric meditation is learning how to clear the chakras, or energy centers, of any clutter or negativity that might be affecting the energy field. Many people have the belief that the chakras are static entities that cannot be affected, but this is simply not the case. There are many different factors that can affect the chakra system, including stress and trauma. A tantric teacher can help a couple rediscover their chakras and restore their love for one another through the art of tantric meditation and tantric yoga.

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