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A few weeks ago, I was reading an article in the Calgary Herald where a realtor had written a review on one of the biggest real estate markets in Canada. She was highlighting a few of the current offerings in Calgary and was telling interesting insights into what makes Calgary so appealing to home buyers and sellers. I liked what she wrote, and her point about the lack of competition among Calgary realtors is spot on. As a first time home buyer, I certainly have some thoughts on this. However, since then, I have been doing some more research into what Calgary has to offer to people looking to buy a new home, or even rent in this great city. Read more –

Calgary Realtor: One of the Guys You Should Know About

Through reading a few blogs, and reading a couple of different articles in the Calgary Herald, it seems that the Calgary real estate market has been growing very strong over the last few years. Calgary’s real estate scene is truly coming together at a rapid pace. Calgary’s economy is also doing well, making Calgary a great place for families to call home. In fact, there are so many different aspects to Calgary’s real estate scene that you really need to do some research if you are seriously considering buying a house in Calgary.

One Calgary Realtor that I really like is Mike Kubassek, who is the Calgary Chair of the Calgary Economic Development Corporation. I met Kubassek while visiting with my family in Calgary, and while we were out and about, I chatted with him and he seemed like a really cool guy. So, before I explain why I really like Calgary real estate market so much, I will tell you a little bit about Mike Kubassek. Mike is the Calgary realtor that has written a book on the Calgary real estate market, which you can find out more about at his website. Kubassek is also on the board of directors of the Calgary Economic Development Corporation, which is a great thing because he has definitely been working on something that can make a difference in Calgary. If you are looking to buy a house in Calgary, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the work that Mike Kubassek has done.

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